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PuebloIman is an Advertising Agency with a focus on Creativity as the key tool with which to multiply clients´ investment in communication.

We deliver integrated and individual services according to each brand´s needs, working with specialists performing on different areas: ATL, BTL, Design, Social Media, Digital, Mobile, Brand Planning and Media Planning.

Our mission is to find the most accurate strategies to help companies achieve their goals.

We cultivate a person to person relationship with our Clients, working together as a team, on the belief that this is the only way to work our way towards succesful communication results.

Twenty years of experience in the creative areas of both national and international agencies give us the confidence that guide our steps. We have expanded our horizons by shooting and presenting campaings in different countries in Latin America, as well as participating and winning awards in several Advertising Festivals around the World, such as Cannes, London, New York, Festival Iberoamericano de Publicidad, Ojo de Iberoamerica and Circulo de Creativos de Argentina.

  • Advertising that does well.
  • 20 years of experience in multinational agencies.
  • Awards in various advertising festivals in the world.

We invite you to go through the different sections in this presentation, where you will find a sample of our actual and past work.




About Us


We work responsibly to create integral solutions, adding value through creative and effective campaigns, based on the human values that inspire our way of living.


We generate solid and lasting relationships in which we can provide an innovating and creative view, as we understand that, nowadays, brand communication is a kind of cultural interaction with people.

International Awards

  • Finalist in New York 2007
    Graphic ad "Clocks"
    American Airlines
  • Finalist in Cannes 2006
    Graphic ad "Clocks"
    American Airlines
  • Finalist in London 2006
    Graphic ad "Clocks" American Airlines
  • Plata FIAP 2006
    Graphic ad "Clocks" American Airlines
  • Silver in FIAP 2006
    Graphic ad "Clocks" American Airlines

National Awards

  • Silver Diente 2005
    TV "Car"
    Desodorante Doufour
  • Silver Diente 2005
    TV "Bowling"
    Desodorante Doufour
  • Silver Diente 2005
    Graphic Ad "Clocks" American Airlines
    VP "Clocks" American Airlines
  • Lápiz de Oro TV 2004
    "Baby" Chevrolet.
  • Bronze Diente 2003
    Outdoors "Glasses" Chevrolet


Maximiliano Gómez Oromí
Phone: +54 11 6751 2044
Skype: maxipool2011

Indalecio Demo
Phone +54 11 6917 1000
Skype: indademo